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Manual Setup

Email Address / Login Name: Your FULL Email Address
Default Password: Your Default Password Here
- You may have changed your password
If you wish to access your Email via a Webmail.
Username: Your FULL Email Address
Password: Your Default Password Here
Supported incoming mail protocols: POP3, IMAP
Incoming Server:  OR
- IMAP Port: 993  OR  143
- POP3 Port: 995  OR  110
Supported outgoing mail protocols: SMTP
Outgoing Server:  OR
- Outgoing Mail Port (Smtp) with SSL Enabled: 465 OR  587       
- OR
- Outgoing Mail Port (Smtp) with SSL Disabled: 25 OR  26
IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.
Please note that if SSL is Enabled, you may receive an notice or error regarding the certificate or verification. You MUST Accept it.
If it is a problem with this option, then please depending on your device, either disable SSL or select Without SSL.

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