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Thank You for considering our offer.
Please note that it is totally Commission based and not Salary based.

We are a Web Design Company that creates and hosts websites.
We also do Electronic Flip and PDF Magazines, Logos, etc.
For every confirmed client that orders and pays for a product, you can make a commission.
The commissions starts from 20% on all digital products.
To qualify for the commission you must send me the signed order form back to me of what the client wants and once the payment has been received from them, you get paid immediately.

See on our website the adverts we use for marketing, etc.

Once you have a client that signs up, please send the completed order form to me so I can invoice them.
If they do the payment with the order form (EFT or Web Payments Only), then please mark it on the order form.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call or whatsapp.

When you have the first client signed up, send me your banking details, so I can then do an EFT for your commission.

Below is a short description of services we offer.
Get Your Business Noticed!
Get More Customers...
Promote Your Business with Advertising.
Advertise your business on our Facebook Pages/Groups, Get a Website, Advert, Promote Yourself Now!!

Other Services We Offer:-

Design Of:-
- Websites, Logos, Graphics, Posters, Brochures, Stationery, Adverts, Catalogue, Electronic Magazine

Suppliers Of:-
- Web Hosting, Web Design, Computer, Hardware, Software, Laptops, Networks, Repairs, Consumables, Security Camera's

Send us an Email or Whatsapp to find out more or to order.
Call Only:- 062-606-9513
Call/Whatsapp:- 060-786-0001

Marketing & Advertising:-

Computers, Networks, Accessories, etc.:-

NB!! If you wish to make some extra money, why not send me referals for Websites and / or Advertising. Then you will make a spotters commission on each positive paid order that comes in.

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