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Excel Uploader / Viewer
We are proud to launch a very unique e-Commerce Program that makes it so easy for any dealer to load and control their own stocks without having to ask a Computer or Web Person to do it for them.
The program is specially written to have all the functions pre-loaded on our specialised Database Servers.
All you need to do is insert the code “Once Off” into your existing website and then you are ready to upload and view all your cars or products as and when you want to do it.
You can even load up your own photos for each product.
The system operates from a standard Excel Spreadsheet  which you keep updated with your latest products at all times.


When you are ready to upload the spreadsheet, click on your upload shortcut, select the file, put in the secure password, and you are ready to show the world your products.
This spreadsheet is then interpreted on the server into a dedicated database that controls your website.
Every time you upload a new spreadsheet the old one is deleted, so this means you have a fresh start every time.
The whole process takes less than a few seconds to do.
On this screen you must select the excel spreadsheet and click on the upload button.
This will now load all the products in to your website.
This is for the Spreadsheet File:-


Then to see the products you go to your website and click on the products link.
Here you can now select your products directly.

And on selecting your respective product ie:- Jeep you will see the following:-

As to the product pictures this is upload by a direct link to the picture folder.
Please note that the name of the picture must be EXACTLY the same as what is in the spreadsheet and it is also in lowercase. Ie picturename.jpg
You then copy the pictures from your pc to the picture folder directly.
This is for the Pictures:-

Remember once you have uploaded pictures, you must re-upload the spreadsheet again so that the
database can link the product with the picture.
If you have many pictures to upload, you can then email us the pictures and we can do a bulk upload for you.
Price for the above option is R4500-00 Excl. (Once Off) for Setup and Configuration.
Then you pay only R350-00 pm to Rent it for as long as you would like to use it.
Customised Solutions can be offered and will be quoted on according to requirements.
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