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SAMAG Business Guide for the KOSH Region (Or your Local Region)
As to the Business Guide it will be eventually hosted on our website called SAMAG (www.samag.co.za) which has been linked to various Facebook Sites and very actively marketed on the internet using SEO and other marketing functions.
Cost to advertise in the business guide is not as expensive as you would think and is as follows:-
Adverts can be changed monthly provided new changes are supplied by the 15th of the month.
If you pay for a year you only paying for 10 months and get 2 months for free.
Name and Number Only (Index) --> @ R150-00 per Year
Business Card (90x50mm) --> @ R50-00 per Month or R500-00 per Year
1/2 Page --> @ R450-00 per Month or R4500-00 per Year
1/1 Page --> @ R795-00 per Month or R7950-00 per Year
Advert Design Costs
If you have an advert/business card already please email in either JPG, PNG, Coreldraw, PDF formats.
Once off design costs of R250-00 (Per A4 Page) for any advert if we have to design one.

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